I Believe in You

I Believe in You, is the theme song of the Larry and Janet Anderson Philanthropies.

Larry Anderson wrote the original version of I Believe in You. Rob Hewes, veteran music producer, helped rewrite I Believe in You, to this final, and much better version. Rob also produced the recording of the song. The amazing Martin Kerr was retained to sing it and student film maker David Kelso was asked to direct and edit the performance version of the music video.

David Kelso and Clarissa Poernomo wrote a story board about two young students struggling to find their gifts that would illustrate I Believe in You and presented it to Larry. Larry loved it and asked David to direct and edit the story version music video as well.

Both of these music videos were enabled by the cooperation of the students, teachers and others at the Victoria School for the Arts in Edmonton. Thank you all for your support and for believing in the importance of this project.

Links to YouTube

I Believe in You, Performance Video

I Believe in You, Story Video