Your power is in your choices.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge to making empowering choices, for most of us, is the conversation in our own heads, known as self-talk.

Our goal is to help youth change the story they tell themselves about themselves, to focus on their strengths and what they can do, instead of on their weaknesses and what they can’t do. It also means helping them learn how to silence the inner critics that foster worry, doubt and fear so they can connect with, and hear, the voice of their inner guide.

Empowering Choices

Acceptance – Self acceptance is the first hurdle we all face. When you accept and embrace your gifts and commit to developing them it is empowering.

Beliefs – You are what you believe. Your self concept defines your possibilities. Your relationship values define your character. Your personal values define your priorities.

Focus – Decide what you want, it is the first step to getting it. Then, focus your energy and creativity on pursuing it.

Action – Take action to implement your plan. Act and learn. Don’t debate and wait.

Perseverance – Life involves struggle and setbacks. The journey is as much about who you become in the pursuit of your goal as it is about what you accomplish by achieving it.

Resources and Tools

The Live Your MAGIC!™ series of books and multi-media materials provide resources and tools to help you make empowering choices.