About Us

Every life is a promise.

Our Core Belief

Your life is a promise. It is defined by your unique set of inborn gifts, enabled by your choices and fulfilled by you serving others in a way that is meaningful to you.

Our Vision

A world where youth fulfill their promise.

Our Mission

To awaken youth to their promise; To empower youth to live their promise; To celebrate people living their promise.

We achieve our mission through our partnerships with select charity, education and arts partners; through the self empowerment media we create and through the events. initiatives and projects we support.

Larry and Janet Anderson Philanthropies


All of the following funds are all managed by the Edmonton Community Foundation: Charitable Registration Number: 1224370721RR001

Larry and Janet Anderson Endowment Fund, provides sustainable funding annually to our charity partners. The capital is invested and a share of earnings are distributed annually.

Larry and Janet Anderson Charity Fund, provides impact funding over a five year period to our charity partners.

Randy Anderson Learning Fund, established to support literacy and learning initiatives, and to honour Larry’s brother Randy who had dyslexia, a learning challenge.

Judy Craig Endowment Fund, established to provide professional development awards to special needs educators and to honour special needs educator Judy Craig.

Deb Cautley Endowment Fund, established to provide education awards to at risk youth and to honour the Executive Director of YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services), Deb Cautley.


Live Your MAGIC!™ series of books, and multi-media products to awaken youth to their promise and to empower youth to live their promise through improving their self-talk.

Celebrate! Songs of the Human Condition, original songs and powerful performances that provide insight into the human journey in a powerful and artistic way. This music celebrates and empowers artists by commissioning their work and awakens youth through the power of music.

Celebrate! Journeys of Inspiration, video profiles, documentaries and stories that provide insight into the human journey. These films celebrate the subjects and empowers young film makers by commissioning them to produce the films and awakens youth through the power of story.


LIAP Media Corp., produces our media and events on a cost recovery basis and is supported by sponsors.

LIAP Limited Partnership invests in select “for profit” business ventures and owns the intellectual property for the media produced by LIAP Media Corp.,  99.9% owned by the Larry and Janet Anderson Charity Trust, funded by low interest loans from Anderson Capital Corp.

Larry and Janet Anderson Charity Trust, (Kathy Hawkesworth, Wesley Gunderson and Stephen Anderson, Trustees) owns 99.9% of LIAP Limited Partnership and receives profits from business investments. 100% of profits received will be donated to the Edmonton Community Foundation, to be credited equally to the Larry and Janet Anderson Endowment Fund (funds received are invested and earnings distributed annually) and the Larry and Janet Anderson Charity Fund (funds received are distributed to charities over 5 years).


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